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About Us

Dimension Legal LLC was founded in January 2019. Since 5th of April 2021, we have partnered up with RVS Solicitors, a London based law firm, bringing further benefits to our clients.

Our Story

We are an innovative law/consultancy firm interested in delivering tailor-made services that perfectly fits our clients' needs. We successfully provide consultancy to an extensive range of customers; starting from individuals with questions regarding their dealings with financial institutions, to preparation and execution of Employee Stock Ownership Programs (ESOP).

Dimension Legal RVS promotes effective and transparent corporate governance by offering avant-garde pragmatic strategies, advancing adherence to human rights (introduction of the practice of Human Right Due Diligence in Armenia and implementation of United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights) as well as strengthening societal oversight on business entities for the benefit of creating a widely accepted culture of corporate social responsibility.

Clients benefit from firm’s lawyers' top-notch expertise, who have undertaken multi-disciplinary training in law, finances, public and private international law, and in-depth knowledge of 4 jurisdictions (Armenia, England and Wales, Russia, and France). Additionally, we specialize in alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and conciliation.


Through our association with RVS Solicitors, we have also implemented a number of policies that reflect the regulatory rules of the law firms in the UK. We have strong commitment to client care and confidentiality. We have opted to voluntarily apply many of the rules the UK law firms are expected to follow.

Our aim is to think forward; predict and prevent problems. We offer solutions that not only address the urgent matters but also benefit the client in the long run. There is no better business strategy than to have satisfied customers.

We adhere to a strict code of professionalism and honesty. Through the provided consultancy, clients come to a sense of clarity about the presented problems and the possible solutions.

Experienced Leadership

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