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Investment Companies and Funds: A Success Story

We would like to offer our sincere congratulations to Dimension Legal RVS' client Freedom Holding Corp. for the successful registration and licensing of its subsidiary and the appointed smart and driven management team as an investment firm by the Central Bank of Armenia.

Freedom Holding Corp. is incorporated in the United States under the laws of the State of Nevada. Subsidiaries of Freedom Holding Corp. perform a wide range of activities in the securities industry, including retail securities brokerage, investment research, investment counseling, securities trading, market making, investment banking and underwriting services in Eurasia as well as provision of consumer bank services to clients in Russia and Kazakhstan.

This signifies a greater interest of notable international investors towards the Armenian financial market, which in turn, demonstrates the Central Bank’s effective policies in expanding the financial market and inspiring trustworthiness in Armenian financial institutions.

Dimension Legal RVS has been the main legal counsel and representative of Freedom Finance Armenia throughout the process of its registration and licensing with the Central Bank. Special thanks to the Central Bank’s management and the tireless staff in the Licensing & Corporate Finance and Legal Departments for their cooperative approach.

We wish our client a successful road ahead with the expectation of great strides.

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