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Mergers & Acquisitions are at the core of business growth and life cycle. M&A can be a defining moment for your business and to address it correctly you need the best legal advice coupled with astute commercial awareness that our lawyers offer.


For an M&A to be truly successful, guidance on each step is crucial: identifying the right opportunities, initiating negotiations and then guiding your business through the process to a successful transaction. Our lawyers will be there to guide you on each of these steps. In M&A work, the knowledge and understanding of legal intricacies are as important as discerning your corporate culture and values, your business objectives and ambitions. We pride ourselves in achieving all the above.


Our experience in cross-border deals and our international approach positions ourselves ideally for foreign investors coming to Armenia to invest. They will find us uniquely qualified to guide them through the process here, as we are not only experts in local regulations, but have deep understanding of local business culture, as well as the best practices around such transactions on international level.


As part of M&A work, we advise on restructuring, to meet your new business and tax challenges. Where necessary, we will work with lawyers from other jurisdictions, to ensure that the restructuring takes into account your presence in other jurisdictions as well. We have successfully executed dozens of M&A deals in the health, mining, energy, agriculture, manufactory, finance, hotel industries and we ensure its timely registration with the state registry, central depositary and other relevant regulatory bodies.


We offer solutions for due diligence, whether as a package of M&A work or as an independent assessor, that will cover all aspects of risk management, considering the local particularity.


Key services that we provide in respect of M&A, restructuring and due diligence:


  • Purchase and sales of companies and their assets;

  • Private equity transactions;

  • Takeovers;

  • Reorganisations and de-mergers;

  • Corporate restructuring;

  • Independent due diligence, for M&A transactions handled by other law firms.


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