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With Dimension Legal RVS quality comes first!

Our main six areas of practice include

Governance, Investigation and Compliance

Regulatory landscape is becoming more complex by the day. Businesses are expected to have comprehensive sets of internal policies and regulations in respect of the way the business is governed, how it meets their social and legal responsibilities etc.

Public International Law

Dimension Legal RVS advises national and international corporations, financial institutions, international organisations, NGOs, and governments on contentious and non-contentious aspects of public international law.

For a business to be successful, it will need to ensure that they can finance their growth. Irrespective of your size, the market you operate in or whether you are start-up or a mature business, having the right financing vehicles in place is paramount.

Mergers & Acquisitions are at the core of business growth and life cycle. M&A can be a defining moment for your business and to address it correctly you need the best legal advice coupled with astute commercial awareness that our lawyers offer.

Commercial contracts are the framework within which your organisation trades with other businesses. The importance of getting it right cannot be overstated. Commercial contracts will need to take into account the local laws and regulations, but also the ones in overseas jurisdictions, if those are relevant to the transaction.

Employee incentive arrangements are one of the main concerns of any growing business. Among a variety of incentive tools, one of the most effective and internationally recognised measure is the Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP).

With Dimension Legal RVS quality comes first!

Our lawyers are trained to the highest professional and ethical standards to confidently address the most complex cross-border matters. We ensure that our services target all of the client's concerns; offering them multiple strategies to address their needs.

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