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Attracting Business in Times of Covid-19: A Success Story

Employer liability serves as a decisive factor for attractiveness of a business for foreign investors and partners. Particularly, in the course of 2020 and 2021 the provision of safe working conditions within the Covid-19 pandemic has been the primary concern of the business owners and investors.

One of our clients, an Armenian IT company called Dream 315 LLC which was in the process of cooperation with an international tech giant, approached Dimension Legal RVS specifically requesting a legal opinion touching upon the ‘Potential employer liabilities for injury or death of employees due to contracting Covid-19’ according to the laws of the Republic of Armenia.

In the legal opinion we provided detailed analysis of the applicable legislation and suggestions to minimise the risk of liabilities while ensuring the safety of employees.

We are proud to inform you that our legal analysis, as part of the larger due diligence and risk assessment carried out by the international tech company, contributed to the decision of going through with opening an Office in Yerevan with our clients' staff․

Attached you can see a summary of the legal opinion.

Summary of Legal Opinion_Dimension Legal RVS_Promotional
Download PDF • 263KB

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